An Intermittent Fasting Diet will simplify and improve your life

Intermittent Fasting Diet: Benefits & How to

How an Intermittent Fasting Diet can Simplify and Improve Your Life Intermittent Fasting: You may have heard this buzz-word tossed around, or maybe this is your exposure to this concept. To be quite honest there are many different theories and methodologies but I’m here to teach you the method I …

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Delicious Bacon and protein packed meal

Bacon Enhanced Split Pea Soup

Bacon ✓ Veggies ✓ Protein ✓ Simple ✓   Making a delicious meal in bulk that also fits your macros is a win – win and is exactly what you have here with this bacon infused split pea soup.  During the colder months this is my go to for meal prepping …

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How To Gain Weight Fast

How to Gain Weight Fast

So You Want To Gain Weight Fast!?!?! Most people’s fitness goals fall into two categories – they either want to gain weight or lose weight.  Both are challenging in their own ways.  Gaining weight quickly can seem impossible for a “hard gainer” but it doesn’t have to be. In this …

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Chocolate and Coffee Protein Balls

Coffee Fudge Protein Balls

Coffee ✓ Fudge ✓ Protein ✓ Awesome ✓ These guys are a delicious fix when I need something sweet but don’t want to blow a huge portion of my daily carbs on flour and sugar.  Plus it has coffee grounds, bonus caffeine! Signup for our newsletter for more fitness and …

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5 rules to gain muscle mass

5 Rules to Gain Muscle Mass

Adding muscle mass to your frame is a goal for many people we work with and for good reason.  Being lean is only impressive and aesthetically appealing if you have muscle mass to compliment it. A super skinny guy with abs is like breakfast without bacon. Nobody gets excited about …

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How to Stay Lean During the Holidays

Fitness During Holidays

Staying lean while indulging Fitness holidays – those words next to each other seems like an oxymoron as there are many factors that can impact your fitness and mental health during the holidays.  From the constant barrage of sweets, the multitude of gatherings, colder weather and shorter days.  Here are The Athletic …

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Cinnamon is great to mix with protein powder

5 Ways to Turbo Charge your Protein

If you have been following our top tasting protein guide, then chances are you are not sick of your protein shakes yet. Hell, they might even be your favorite meals of the day (don’t tell your wife or girlfriend that). However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way …

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Tapered Sweatpants draw attention to your shoes

The Best Mens Sweatpants of 2016

  Wearing sweatpants no longer require you to sacrifice form for function or vice versa. An Athletic Gentleman looks good no matter where he is. While these sweatpants might not make leg day any easier, they will keep your man stilts warm to, from and during your time at the gym.   Men’s …

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